Our company has been serving in the sector since 1971. She has started her career in orthopedic footwear in 1996 with akk perlina u as a world brand. With the brand ır perlina akk, leather and first class materials and orthopedic and anatomic children’s shoes are produced and sold in exclusive stores in Turkey and abroad.

Our shoes are exported to many national and Russian countries. Turkey our company’s busiest port city of Izmir, is also a great contribution consists in the production of this one. Our products are produced between 18 – 37 numbers and some of them are exported to the countries below. Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Belarus, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan etc. Our annual capacity: 180,000 pairs.


Perlina; Production started in 1971. Perlina reflects the work experience it has accumulated since its production date to its consumers with children’s shoes and continues to be proud of it. Perlina; It always increases its annual production capacity. With the unique designs it has produced, it provides its consumers with the privilege.




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