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Perlina; Inspired by the Italian line with its experienced and experienced craftsmen, it manufactures safely and increases the production potential to the countries of the world. Like a lot of European countries as well as Russia and Ukraine serve in Turkey’s exclusive shops.

Perlina Orthopedic and Antibacterial Children Shoes

Perlina; Production started in 1971. Perlina reflects the work experience it has accumulated since its production date to its consumers with children’s shoes and continues to be proud of it.

Perlina; It always increases its annual production capacity.

With the unique designs it has produced, it provides its consumers with the privilege.

Dear; Mother and Fathers

Our children, who are our most valuable assets facing thousands of problems, require special care and labor. The choices we make will affect their development and their future. Remember! The role of your help in their healthier growth is very important. We want to support PERLINA brands. With our experience of more than 40 years, we will be with our child in the first healthy step and then.

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What's the first step shoe?

Produced and conscious selection of healthy materials Shoe selections can prevent some health problems that may occur during the life process and provide some foot problems.

When choosing a shoe for foot health, it is necessary to take care to choose the shoes suitable for the shape of the foot. Random large or small not suitable for foot anatomy | Shoes taken on the number 1 adversely affect foot health. In such elections, we must think that they will cause causes of disruption of foot, nail smear, standing fungus formation, painful calluses, shape deformities in the toes.

Recommendation by Expert Orthopedists;

PERLINA Orthopedic Baby Products



Our products are produced between 18 and 37 and some of them are exported to the countries below. Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Belarus, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan etc. Our annual capacity: 180,000 pairs.

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