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Do You Have Many Reasons To Buy Perlina Shoes?

Flexible Orthopedic insole

"Inner heel support" that stabilizes the heel and prevents the risk of side pressure cotton protector that protects and supports sensitive fingers

Elastic Orthopedic Bottom Base

During movement, the foot grasps the ground and non-slip rubber sole that allows you to take safe steps

Hidden flexible airbag

your shoes and provides the flexibility and durability necessary for the feet to breathe. processed genuine leather and inner lining

Specially designed air pump that provides air circulation

- Keep your feet dry Anti-moisture and absorbent antibacterial Insole is available.

Genuine Leather

In the production of our products, it does not contain carcinogenic substances such as Phthalates and Azo Dyes

Our International Certificates

Loved by Kids, Praised by doctors